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At Chain Store Maintenance, we have a long history of quickly responding with a solution to common industry issues. One of the latest challenges in the pest control arena is the proliferation of bed bugs. Our programs are strictly confidential.
Man's best friend can be instrumental in resolution.
Chain Store Maintenance has recently integrated Cryonite® into our family of pest control solutions. Cryonite® is the newest and most effective treatment for bed bugs and other pests utilizing a non-chemical, freezing process to halt the proliferation of bed bugs.

Man's best friend can be instrumental in resolution.
Canine inspection is an instrumental component of the bed bug inspection process. We have an extensive database of specially trained canines who will "sniff out" the bed bugs. The canine visit can be done discretely after hours if you would prefer.
Sample Bed Bug Procedure
We will customize a program for you!
1. CSM gets call from store for bed bugs. CSM gathers information from the store (i.e. Where was the bed bug spotted, was it found on a customer returned item, merchandise in the store etc). Has the item been put in airtight plastic and isolated in a secure spot?
2. CSM is to advise the store that we will contact both the corporate office as well as the pest control company. Please state the following “We have taken all your information and will contact corporate office as well as the pest control company”
3. CSM Emails corporate advising them that you received a call from store # ____ for bed bugs. Please include all information that the store gave you.
4. CSM has an extensive database of canine’s that are specially trained to sniff out the bed bugs at the store. This can be done discretely either before or after store hours.
5. CSM also specializes in cryonite (dry ice) treatment. Techs are on standby in the event that the dog has a bed bug “hit”. The cryonite tech can immediately apply cryonite to affected area. 
6. CSM recommends that the canine reinspect the location about 2 to 3 weeks after cryonite is applied to ensure that all bed bugs have been exterminated.
7. CSM provides a letter or report detailing exactly what was found and what was done to rectify the situation if needed.
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